Brief Encounter 1945

Falling in love and steam train are my kind of Movies, bored suburban housewife Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) is saved when doctor Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard)  removes a small bit of grit from the eye of his soon to be lover.

Their casual friendship soon develops on the train platform director David Lean and author Noël Coward’s prim, oh-so-English tale of romance so lost in today cheap affairs found on Facebook.

Lancashire classic tale of love and guilt in a post-war England from a day long gone you get the feeling she looking for some kind excitement maybe away ftom her pipe smoking husband and our dashing Trevor Howard is just what the doctor ordered.

Its all very Film Noir with the steam trains thundering past, in fact this is one of my favorite all time films, I love the oh so prim and proper busty canteen lady London-born actress Joyce Carey as she fend of the randy attention from the station master {Stanley Holloway}

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